Specialist Training

The State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony is responsible for your further medical training. The initial purpose of the further training is that you acquire the qualification as a medical specialist in your chosen speciality. On the basis of the passed specialist’s examination, a specialisation in main areas or additional further training are possible later on.

You may only commence further training in Saxony if you hold a licence to practice medicine or have passed the examination proving the equivalence of your training before the Saxon State Examination Office for Academic Medical Professions.

The further training itself is governed by the Further Training Regulations of the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony.

As a rule, visiting doctors' or scholarship holders' contracts do not fulfil the requirements that are defined for medical further training in the Further Training Regulations. Visiting doctors' and scholarship holders' contracts give foreign doctors the opportunity to acquire knowledge on a voluntary basis. They do not include any binding regulations on working hours nor provide for regular involvement in patient care. However, the main characteristic of the medical further training under the Further Training Regulations is the practical application of medical knowledge in patient care after a completed medical training, in a full-time position with an adequate salary. Therefore, further training as a medical specialist requires a regular contract of employment. We strongly recommend foreign doctors as well as the hospitals to agree the purpose of the stay at the beginning of its period. If no regular contract of employment as a doctor receiving further training can be offered, a recognition as a medical specialist under the Further Training Regulations is not possible either.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Further Training and Examinations of the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony (weiterbildung@slaek.de).

Planning your Further Training

Information on Duration and Contents

The Further Training Regulations of the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony form the most important basis of the planning of your further training. They regulate the entire further medical training in Saxony – including the duration of the further training in your chosen speciality and the contents – in connection with the related further training guidelines. Depending on the speciality, a further training as a specialist takes five to six years as a rule. If necessary, a part-time further training is also possible if its hours are at least half of the standard working hours. In that case, the period of the further training is extended accordingly. In the Further Training Regulations, you can also find further information, e.g. on which stages of your further training must be covered by inpatient or outpatient treatment. It also regulates the further training periods in the Public Health Service, if any.

Information on doctors authorised to give further training

What is also important for the planning is that completed further training periods can only be recognised if the further training was directed by doctors authorised to give further training by the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony. Therefore, in the linked overview, please always note what authorisation to give further training a doctor has for your speciality, i.e. for what period a further training stage with him can be recognised for your further training. In this way, you can avoid “idle” periods.

  • For information on authorisations to give further training
    Sächsische Landesärztekammer (State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony)
    Referat Weiterbildung/Prüfungswesen (department of further training/​examinations)
    +49 (0) 351 8267-​317 or -319
Information about Possible Places of Further Training

Other important factors for your decision on the place of your further training can be the various forms of support which are offered to you by Saxon hospitals, private practices and the Public Health Service during the further training period.

And last but not least, the atmosphere at your future workplace plays an important part, e.g. the person of the doctor in charge of the further training, the learning progress that you will perceive during your further training, the collegial atmosphere, or whether the further training will also be possible part-time if necessary. If you do not know anyone who works at the hospital of your choice, a short on-site visit before signing your contract of employment will be most helpful; it will give you the possibility to ask other assistant doctors about their experience with the further training, from which you can profit when making your own decision.

If you consider moving to Saxony from elsewhere for your further training, you can find general information about the Free State of Saxony in the section “Life in Saxony” of this website:

Application for Your Further Training


The Saxon Hospital Register provides not only the job offers of all Saxon hospitals but also the possibility to search for hospitals by district (Landkreis) or independent city (kreisfreie Stadt). So when you search for a suitable position for your further training, you will not ignore interesting small hospitals in rural areas. In addition, the “direct search for hospitals” lets you find all details on a particular hospital.

At the Saxon Hospital Register you’ll also find a database of all hospital doctors authorised to give further training listet by speciality.

Private Practice

For questions concerning further training at private practices of specialists or general practitioners, you can contact the Saxon Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

Public Health Service

Job offers of the Public Health Service in Saxony can be found through the Saxon State Association of Doctors and Dentists in the Public Health Service.