Foreign Doctors

Basic information

Would you like to work as a doctor in Saxony or receive your specialist training there? Here you can find important information on how to proceed. […]

Registration with the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony

All medical doctors who hold a licence or provisional licence to practise medicine are compulsory members of the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony if they pursue their profession in the Free State of Saxony. […]

Choosing Your Speciality

Once you have been granted your licence to practice medicine, you can start your further training as a medical specialist. Have you already decided what specialist title you would like to acquire? […]

Specialist Training

The State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony is responsible for your further medical training. The initial purpose of the further training is that you acquire the qualification as a medical specialist in your chosen speciality. […]

What next? - Working as a Doctor in Saxony

Now you will have all possibilities to practise as a doctor in Saxony within your speciality. You can choose between numerous interesting positions offered in the three main pillars of the health care system. […]